Mom’s Night Out – A Faith Based Movie

Are you tired of Hollyweird portraying Christianity in a negative light? Have no fear, Mom’s Night Out is out on May 9th.

moms night out

Last night I had the opportunity to screen Moms’ Night Out in Fort Campbell. The director invited a theater full of military mom’s to screen his new movie. I sat down with my soda and pretzel and prepared for a raunchy comedy about moms on the town. The director came to award a military wife with a trip to LA for the premiere and actress Abbie Cobb was there for pictures.

Instead, I got a faith based movie about how God accepts us no matter what flaws we may have. You could call it an unexpected surprise.

The movie stars Sarah Drew (April Kepner from Grey’s Anatomy) who plays a Mom who is at wits end and becomes overly stressed so she plans a girls night with a newly pregnant friend and the preacher’s wife. They spend the night searching for her nephew who has been shuffled around babysitters and is missing. Trace Adkins plays “Bones” who despite his overly biker personality has some pretty profound things to say. Despite laughing nonstop throughout the movie, I felt the deepness of faith without it being thrown in my face.

So skip “Non Stop” which portrays the military in a negative and head out this Mother’s Day to see “Moms’ Night Out”. I was literally laughing in my seat and had I paid for this movie, I would not have been disappointed. As an added bonus, your husband may open his eyes to see that staying home really is the most difficult out there.

State Senator Shoots Down Drone


A few weeks ago we shared Joni Ernst’s political ad. Well, the GOP is at it again. Matt Rosendale, a State Senator in Montana, shoots down a drone in his new political ad for reelection.

His main mission from his website:

Montana represents the best of what we as a family believe in: God, liberty and a fundamental right to living our lives without the pressing hand of an intrusive government. Unfortunately, Washington has failed us. Career politicians from both parties continue to waste our money, spy on our families, and dictate our daily lives. Common sense representation and unselfish leadership is in short supply. That is why I am running for Congress and would be honored to have your support.

What do you think about this ad? Cheesy or right on target?

Is a Flat Tax the Answer?

Yesterday we asked:

But what is a flat tax? A flat tax is simply every citizen paying the same percentage of taxes on their income (or corporation). This differs from our current “progressive” system where the more you earn, the higher percentage you pay. In previous elections, Herman Cain advocated for his 9-9-9 plan which proposed a flat tax of 9%. Rick Perry in Texas has also proposed a flat tax rate of 20%.

“It cuts taxes for Americans in every income group, increases the standard deduction to $12,500, and retains deductions for mortgage interest, charitable donations, and state and local taxes. It simplifies the filing process, allowing taxpayers to complete their returns in minutes and submit them on a postcard. And it will save Americans up to $483 billion in annual compliance costs.” –Governor Rick Perry (R-TX)

The promise of a flat tax is that it will relieve taxpayers of trying to figure out the confusing tax code. It also eliminates many deductions which tend to favor the wealthy. Proponents of the flat tax tend to be Republicans and Independents who favor limited government. An overwhelming 62% of Americans favor the flat tax according to a recent poll.

Flat Tax

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A Response to Amanda Marcotte

by Jamieson Weaver

Slate, a left-leaning website, published two pieces that came to my attention this week. The first article, written by Julia Shaw argued that people should get married young. The second article by Amanda Marcotte was a rebuttal to the first.


Because I go to Grove City College, the ‘ring-by-spring phenomenon’ is not lost on me. It seems every day I see someone on Facebook congratulating a friend for getting engaged. Whether I agree with marrying young or not, the response article written by Amanda Marcotte is something worth discussing.


In my personal situation, I tend to be more on the side of not marrying young. Marcotte starts out the article bashing conservatives, which as you may have guessed, gave her some major points with me (NOT). She refers to marrying young as “the old conservative hobbyhorse.” Calling it “the conservative hobbyhorse” might be a little much; maybe “the Christian hobbyhorse” works better. Anyway, she goes on to make a snide comment about how since Julia Shaw’s young marriage is working out for her, Shaw is suggesting it will work for everyone. She goes on to be very sarcastic about Shaw’s article. While I don’t agree with Shaw’s contention that you marry someone and THEN they become your soulmate, there is a more convincing and persuasive way to disagree with Shaw’s points without a rude or mocking tone. Marcotte goes on to slam Shaw and say, “Shaw tries to distract from these concerns by talking up how much more cool stuff she can supposedly afford, like cellphones and plane tickets, now that she’s married. Yet she doesn’t actually indicate where these new income streams available only to the married come from.” To be honest, I couldn’t find a delineation of all the cool things you can buy when you’re married in Shaw’s article.


Here’s the line that really gets me, though. “Not that any of this matters anyway. Watching conservatives desperately try to bully women into younger marriage with a couple of promises and a whole lot of threats is highly entertaining but clearly not persuasive.” Where are these promises and threats coming from? Just because the majority of people who are talking about young marriage (typically Christians) are conservative, does not mean conservatives are trying to ram the idea of young marriage down anyone’s throat. When you marry the person you want to marry is up to YOU.


Overall, Marcotte’s response to Shaw wasn’t well written and didn’t prove any solid points. While Shaw’s article included facts and percentages from reliable sources, Marcotte offered few. Sadly, many people will read Marcotte’s article and go along with it just because “liberals are always right”. My purpose in writing this post is to implore you to look deeper into what you are reading. Do you really agree with what this person is saying? Are they building solid arguments based on facts or straw man arguments that look good but would fall apart in a second if pushed? Be conscious of what you read, and be form your own opinions!

Let’s Make Them Squeal

joni ernst

Joni Ernst is running for the Senate in Iowa. She is a Republican, mother, grandmother and soldier.


“I’m Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm, so when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork. My parents taught us how to live within our means. It’s time to force Washington to do the same — to cut wasteful spending, repeal Obamacare and balance the budget. I’m Joni Ernst and I approved this message because Washington’s full of big spenders. Let’s make them squeal.”

What do you think of the ad?

Read more about Joni Ernst on her website: